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Titolo Difficolta voti
Back To Tupelo Media 4.0
Beachcombing Avanzata 4.3
Behind With The Rent Avanzata --
Border Reiver Media 3.5
Donegan's Gone Media 4.0
Everybody Pays Avanzata 5.0
Heart Full Of Holes Avanzata 5.0
In The Sky Avanzata 4.0
Let It All Go Avanzata 3.7
Love And Happiness Media 4.2
Madame Geneva's Avanzata 4.3
Our Shangri-La Avanzata 4.5
Postcards From Paraguay Avanzata 4.6
Whoop Dee Doo Avanzata 4.3
5.15 Am Avanzata 4.5
All That Matters Avanzata 4.0
You Dont Know Youre Born Solo 5.0
Sultans Of Swing Live Solo 4.3
Feel Like Going Home 3.7
Wild Theme 4.7
Who's Your Baby Now 3.7
Song For Sonny Liston 3.0
Dream Of The Drown Submariner 3.0
Sons Of Scotland --
Darling Pretty 3.5
Belle Starr 4.0
The Trawlerman's Song 3.7
Hill Farmers Blues 3.5
I Dug Up A Diamond 3.7
Ragpickers Dream 4.3
Devil Baby 3.5
All The Roadrunning 5.0
What It Is Intro --
Metroland 4.5
Wanderlust Intro 4.5
True Love Will Never Fade 4.0
Hill Farmer Blues 4.0
Fare Thee Well Northumberland 4.5
Speedway At Nazareth 4.0
Nobody's Got The Gun --
You Don't Know You're Born 4.0
Punish The Monkey Solo --
Quality Shoes 3.5
Silvertown Blues Intro 4.5
Princess Bride Theme Song --

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
Highway To Hell Ac/dc Media
He Wont Go Adele Avanzata
Hiding My Heart (Ver 2) Adele Avanzata
Dont You Remember (Ver 5) Adele Avanzata
Don't You Remember Adele Avanzata
Chasing Pavements (Ver 4) Adele Media
Shoot To Thrill Ac/dc Facile
Turning Tables Adele Facile
Jack, The Ac/dc Facile
You Shook Me All Night Long Ac/dc Facile
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