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Titolo Difficolta voti
Dont Fall Asleep On The Subway 5.0
Bridge And Tunnel Authority Intro 4.3
Kehoe 5.0
Goodbye In Gasoline 5.0
Overated Everything Is 3.5
Look What Happened 4.0
Great American Sharpshooter 4.4
867-5309 --
Bridge And Tunnel Authority 4.5
Negative Sides Of Optimistic Eyes 3.4
Ps Shock The World 4.0
Escape From The A-Bomb House 5.0
Big Crash 4.4
I Think I Love You Intro 4.5
Landmines And Landslides --
Pete Jackson Is Getting Married 4.7
Bigger Picture --
Als War 4.0
Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding 5.0
Bomb Drop 4.0
I Think I Love You 4.0
Hows My Driving Doug Hastings 3.0
Nervous In The Alley Intro 3.0
Plastic Cup Politics --
Gainesville Rock City 4.3
Last Hour Of The Last Day Of Work 4.0
Magnetic North 5.0
9Th At Pine 3.5
Bad Scene And A Basement Show 3.5
Cheeze 5.0
Cheese 4.0
Just Like Frank 4.0
Nervous In The Alley 4.0
In-Dependence Day --
Mr Chevy Celebrity 3.5
Portrait Of A Cigarette Smoker At 19 5.0
History Of A Boring Town --
Ghosts Of You And Me 3.5
One Last Cigarette 4.0
Last One Out Of Liberty City 4.0
Pete Jackson Is Getting Married Intro 3.3
A Still Life Franchise 4.3
Dopeman 3.0
All My Best Friends Are Metalheads 4.0
Gainsville Rock City 4.5
Sountrack Of My Life 4.7
Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts 4.5
Mostly Memories 3.5
Malt Liquor Tastes Better 3.0
Motto 4.5
Asaok 4.5
We're All Dudes 3.5
Jen Doesnt Like Me Anymore 5.0
Happyman --
Sobreity Is A Serious Business And Business Isnt So Good --
All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads --
All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads Drum (Ver 2) --
Welcome To The New South --
Five State Drive --

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Titolo Artista Difficolta
Someone Like You Adele Avanzata
Lovesong (Ver 2) Adele Facile
If It Hadnt Been For Love Adele Avanzata
Dont You Remember (Ver 7) Adele Avanzata
Send My Love (To Your New Lover) Adele Avanzata
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Ac/dc Avanzata
Fly Away From Here Aerosmith Avanzata
Jack, The Ac/dc Facile
Back In Black Intro Ac/dc Facile
Theres Gonna Be Some Rockin Ac/dc Media
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