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Titolo Difficolta voti
Better Life Avanzata 4.0
Days Go By Media 3.8
Love Somebody Like You Facile 5.0
Making Memories Of Us Avanzata 4.3
Raining On Sunday Media 4.0
Tonight I Wanna Cry Avanzata 4.3
Where The Blacktop Ends Avanzata 3.6
Youll Think Of Me Media 4.0
Your Everything Media 4.0
Youre My Better Half Avanzata 4.3
Blue Stranger 3.5
Youll Think Of Me Acoustic 4.5
Boby Was A Young Boy --
One Chord Song 4.3
Faster Car Intro 3.0
You Look Good In My Shirt 5.0
Youre My Better Half Solo 3.0
Making Memories Of Us Intro 4.0
Til Summer Comes Around 4.0
Memories Of Us --
Luck Of Our Own --
Got It Right This Time --
I Cant Stop Loving You Solo 3.5
I Wanna Be Your Everything 3.8
Song For Dad 4.5
Parallel Line 4.0
Youll Think Of Me Intro 4.0
Dont Shut Me Out Acoustic 3.7
Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me 4.3
Desiree Live Acoustic 4.5
Jeans On 4.3
Blue Ain't Your Color 4.0
Country Comfort --
County Comfort --
Whenever I Run 4.0
Ghost In This Guitar 3.0
These Are The Days Intro 4.0
Somewhere In My Car 4.0
Everybody Intro 3.5
You Or Somebody Like You 4.3
Tonight I Wanna Cry Intro 4.0
God Made Women Intro 4.0
Don't Shut Me Out 4.7
Wont Let You Down 4.7
God's Been Good To Me 4.7
Only You Can Love Me This Way 5.0
Rollercoaster Solo 3.0
She's Gotta Be 4.0
Raining On Sunday Acoustic 4.0
Live To Love Another Day 3.3
Used To The Pain Intro 3.0
You Won 3.0
Long Hot Summer (Ver 4) 3.0
Making Memories Of Us (Ver 2) --
If Ever I Could Love --
I Cant Stop Loving You (Ver 2) --
I Wanna Love Somebody Like You --

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
Lovesong (Ver 2) Adele Facile
Touch Too Much Ac/dc Avanzata
Please Forgive Me Brian Adams Media
Hells Bells Ac/dc Avanzata
Fly Away From Here Aerosmith Avanzata
When You Are Gone Brian Adams Avanzata
Hiding My Heart (Ver 6) Adele Media
Chasing Pavements (Ver 4) Adele Media
Jack, The Ac/dc Facile
Money Talks Ac/dc Facile
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