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Titolo Difficolta voti
Cheap Day Return Media 4.0
Locomotive Breath Media 4.0
Still Loving You Tonight Avanzata 3.0
Skating Away --
Dr. Dogenbroom --
Life's A Long Song 5.0
Mother Goose --
A Time For Everything 4.0
We Used To Know 3.0
Hymn 4 --
A Small Cigar --
Beggar's Farm 4.0
Dun Ringill 4.0
Dharma For One --
Wond'ring Again 3.0
Its Breaking Me Up --
Thick Is A Brick 3.0
Acres Wild --
Budapest Intro 5.0
Minstrel In The Gallery --
Hunt By Numbers Intro --
Weathercock 4.0
Teacher 3.0
Bungle In The Jungle --
Cross-Eyed Mary --
Skating Way --
Sweet Dream Intro --
Roots To Branches --
Hunting Girl --
Farm On The Free Way --
Nursie 5.0
Aqualong --
Heavy Horses 4.0
Aqualung Intro --
A Passion Play --
Another Christmas Song --
With You There To Help Me --
Wondering Aloud 4.0
Broadsword 5.0
To Cry You A Song --
Down At The End Of You Road 4.0
Back To The Family 3.0
Some Day The Sun Wont Shine For You --
Driving Song Intro --
Life Is A Long Song 5.0
Move On Alone 4.0
This Free Will 4.0
Aqualung --
Jack-A-Lynn --
Hymn 43 --
Too Old To Rock And Roll --
Alive And Well And Living In --
Fire At Midnight 5.0
Dun Ringil --
Fylingdale Flyer --
Song For Jeffrey --
Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day --
My Sunday Feeling --
One Brown Mouse Intro 4.0
Sossity Your A Woman --
Black Satin Dancer --

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
When You Are Gone Brian Adams Avanzata
T.n.t. Ac/dc Avanzata
Back In Black Intro Ac/dc Facile
Thunderstruck Ac/dc Avanzata
What Do You Do For Money Honey Ac/dc Facile
Whole Lotta Rosie Ac/dc Avanzata
Someone Like You Adele Avanzata
Back In Black Ac/dc Avanzata
Fly Away From Here Aerosmith Avanzata
Shot Down In Flames Ac/dc Avanzata
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