Hear My Voice Accordi - Jeremy Camp

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Suonata 18 Volte

Capo 1
E A2  3 X
C#m7 - Bsus - A2 - F#m7
E - Bsus - C#m7 - A2  2x
Chorus to verse fill:
E A2
D* - C#m7 - A2 - C#m7 - E (last time F#m7)
You are the only one that brings me peace
You are the only one where hope is seen
The mercy you've given is more than I deserve
So I lay it down so I can heed your word
Hear my voice, I raise to you
With honor and praise
All glory is due
I lay it all down at your feet
With lifted hands it's you we seek
You are the only one that bring me truth
You are the only one that makes me new
The grace you've given a gift for all to see
So this is why I give you everything
And to you I lift my voice
And to you I lift my hands
And to you I give my heart

, Inserita il 2019-03-27

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