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1000 Things Media 3.5
I'm Yours Avanzata 4.0
The Remedy Avanzata 4.4
3 Things Media 4.3
93 Million Miles Media 4.0
A Beautiful Mess Avanzata 3.0
A World With You Avanzata 4.3
Absolutely Zero Avanzata 4.3
After An Afternoon Avanzata --
All Dialed In Avanzata 5.0
Anything You Want Avanzata 3.0
Beauty In Ugly Media 4.3
Clockwatching Avanzata 3.8
Details In The Fabric Avanzata 4.0
Did You Get My Message Avanzata 4.0
Everything Goes Quiet Avanzata 5.0
Freedom Song Avanzata 4.0
Halfway Home Avanzata 4.3
Hello You Beautiful Thing Avanzata 4.4
Hey Love Media 3.3
I Dont Miss You Avanzata 5.0
I Never Knew You Avanzata 3.7
I Won't Give Up Avanzata 4.0
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday Avanzata 4.0
Life Is Wonderful Avanzata 4.0
Live High Avanzata 3.5
Living In The Moment Avanzata 3.0
Longest Day Of The Year, The Avanzata 3.0
Love Someone Avanzata 4.0
Man Gave Names To All The Animals Avanzata 3.7
Never Too Late Avanzata 3.8
Older Lover Undercover Avanzata --
Out Of My Hands Avanzata 4.0
Prettiest Friend Avanzata 4.4
Silent Love Song Avanzata 3.7
Sleeping To Dream Avanzata 4.0
World As I See It, The Avanzata 3.8
You And I Both Avanzata 3.6
The Woman I Love Media 3.9
Sunshine Song 3.0
So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday Chords 4.4
God Rests In Reason 3.8
I Never Knew You (I've Never Known You) 4.0
Zero Percent 4.0
Let's See What The Night Can Do 4.0
What Would Love Do Now 3.8
Geek In The Pink 4.0
Unlonely 5.0
Make It Mine 4.0
Collapsable Plans 3.5
Childlife Wildlife 3.0
Lisa's Hands 4.0
Song For A Friend 3.5
Wordplay 4.0
Who's Thinking About You Now? 4.5
Dead End --
Frank D Fixer 3.5
Nobody Likes Me / You And I Both 4.0
Little You And I --
Opportunist Lover O Lover 4.0
O Lover 4.0
Gypsy Mc 4.0
You Make Me High 4.7
When We Die (Years Go Fast) 4.5
Plain Jane 5.0
What Mama Say 5.0
5/6 4.7
Dynamo Of Volition 4.0
Right Kind Of Phrase 4.3
Hope For The Flowers 3.0
Try Try Try 3.5
All I Want For Christmas Is Us 4.5
Mr. Curiosity 3.0
On Love In Sadness 4.5
Stranger In The Sky 4.0
O Interest 4.4
Coyotes 4.3
Ray Of Sunshine 5.0
Only Human 4.7
Out Of My Hand --
Bella Luna 4.7
Everything Is Sound 3.0
Ballad Of Floz Kid 4.0
Who I Am Today --
More Than Friends 3.0
Don't Change At All 3.7
Who Needs Shelter 4.0
I'm Coming Over 3.5
Long Drive 3.5
Curbside Prophet 3.5
No Stopping Us 3.0
You Can Rely On Me 4.0
Love Is Still The Answer 3.7
Not So Usual 3.7
Dream Life Of Rand Mcnally 5.0
Boys Gone Intro 3.0
Cannabis College 4.0
Be Honest 4.0
No Doubling Back 4.7
God Moves Through You 3.0

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Titolo Artista Difficolta
Back In Black Ac/dc Avanzata
What Do You Do For Money Honey Ac/dc Facile
Back In Black Intro Ac/dc Facile
If It Hadnt Been For Love Adele Avanzata
You Shook Me All Night Long Ac/dc Facile
Whole Lotta Rosie Ac/dc Avanzata
Please Forgive Me Brian Adams Media
Fly Away From Here Aerosmith Avanzata
Money Talks Ac/dc Facile
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith Avanzata
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