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Titolo Difficolta voti
1973 Avanzata 3.7
Bonfire Heart Avanzata 4.0
Postcards Avanzata 4.0
High Avanzata 4.0
Heart To Heart Avanzata 3.8
You Are Beautifull Avanzata 3.8
When I Find Love Again Avanzata 3.7
I'll Be Your Man Avanzata 3.5
No Bravery Media 4.2
Same Mistake Avanzata 4.8
Stay The Night Avanzata 3.3
Tears And Rain Avanzata 3.8
Wisemen Avanzata 4.5
You're Beautiful Avanzata 4.2
Best Laid Plans Avanzata 3.3
Carry You Home Avanzata 3.8
Chocolate Media 4.2
Dangerous Media 4.0
Fall At Your Feet Media 3.8
Goodbye My Lover Avanzata 5.0
Dont Give Me Those Eyes Media 4.5
You Are Beautiful Media 5.0
So Far Gone 4.0
Your Grace 4.4
Ill Take Everything 4.0
Love Me Better 4.0
Dear Katie 3.8
So Happy 4.0
These Are The Words 5.0
Smoke Signals 4.4
Cuz I Love You 3.0
Sugar Coated 4.0
Wisemen Intro --
Calling Out Your Name 4.2
One Of The Brightest Stars 4.0
Someone Singing Along 3.7
Kiss This Love Goodbye 4.0
Face The Sun 5.0
Make Me Better 3.7
If Time Is All I Have 3.7
Out Of My Mind Intro 4.0
I Can't Hear The Music 3.0
No Tears 5.0
Alright Tonight 3.0
I Can Only Give You Everythibg 5.0
Cry Intro 3.0
Give Me Some Love 3.0
Billy Intro 3.8
If Theres Any Justice 4.8
Rocky Racoon 5.0
Melody (Feat. Lost Frequencies) --
Cold (Version Française) --

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
Touch Too Much Ac/dc Avanzata
Hells Bells Ac/dc Avanzata
Rock'n'roll Train Ac/dc Avanzata
Chasing Pavements (Ver 7) Adele Avanzata
Skyfall Adele Avanzata
Aint That A Bitch Aerosmith Avanzata
Cryin' Aerosmith Avanzata
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith Avanzata
Hiding My Heart (Ver 2) Adele Avanzata
Hiding My Heart (Ver 4) Adele Avanzata
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