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Titolo Difficolta voti
Dancing With The Moonlight Night Avanzata 3.7
Follow You Follow Me Avanzata 3.5
In Hiding Media 3.6
Inside And Out Media 3.6
Jesus He Knows Me Avanzata 4.3
Jesus He Knows Me 1 Avanzata 4.0
Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Media 3.3
Land Of Confusion Avanzata 5.0
Like It Or Not Media 4.3
Mama Media 3.0
Many Too Many Avanzata 3.4
Misunderstanding Avanzata 4.3
More Fool Me Media 4.5
No Son Of Mine Avanzata 3.9
Pigeons Avanzata 4.1
Please Dont Ask Avanzata 3.7
Ripples Avanzata 3.7
Since I Lost You Avanzata 5.0
Snowbound Avanzata 4.1
Squonk Media 4.3
Suppers Ready Facile 4.1
The Carpet Crawlers Facile 3.3
The Lamia Avanzata 2.0
Throwing It All Away Media 2.0
We Cant Dance Avanzata 3.3
Window Avanzata 4.3
You Might Recall Avanzata 3.6
Afterglow Avanzata 3.8
Alone Tonight Avanzata 4.2
Am I Very Wrong Media 3.9
Anyway Media 3.9
Counting Out Time Avanzata 4.0
Dancin With The Moonlight Avanzata 3.5
Dancing With The Moonlight Knight Avanzata 3.8
Entangled Avanzata 3.6
Firth Of Fifth Media 4.0
Fly On A Windshield Media 4.4
For A While Avanzata 3.6
Guide Vocal Media 4.0
Heathaze Avanzata 4.0
Hold On My Heart Media 4.6
Home By The Sea Avanzata 4.2
Illegal Alian Media 3.9
Not About Us Avanzata 4.3
That's All Avanzata 5.0
For Absent Friends Facile 3.7
Calling All Stations Facile 3.7
It Intro Facile 4.5
I Know What I Like Facile 3.7
White Mountain Media 4.5
Cinema Show Media 2.0
You Minght Recall Avanzata 4.0
Invisible Touch Avanzata 3.7
That's Me Media 3.3
Get Em Out By Friday Avanzata 3.7
Taking It All Too Hard Media --
Illegal Alien Avanzata 4.0
Musical Box Avanzata 2.8
Horizons Facile 3.6
Cuckoo Cocoon Facile 3.7
I Cant Dance Facile 3.3
Hairless Heart Facile 4.5
Cuckoo Cucoon Facile 5.0
Cinema Show Solo Facile 4.4
Image Blown Out Avanzata --
Dancing With The Moonlight Knight Intro Facile 4.5
Dusk Facile 4.3
Dance On A Volcano Facile 3.7
The Knife Facile 4.0
Blood On The Rooftops Facile 4.3
One Eyed Hound Facile --
Turn It On Again Facile 3.8
Burning Rope Avanzata 4.8
Can Utility And The Coastliners Facile 3.0
Return Of The Giant Facile 4.5
Firth Or Fifth ( Solo ) Facile 5.0
The Chamber Of 32 Doors Media 3.7
Firth Of Fifth Intro Facile 3.6
Congo Facile 4.0
Amor Vs Amistad 5.0
One For The Vine Intro 4.0
After The Ordeal 3.1
In Riding 4.8
Paperlate 4.0
Fountain Of Salmacis 3.0
In The Rapids 3.0
Firth Of Fifth (Ver 2) 3.5
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 4.0
Abacab 3.7
Fading Lights 4.0
Cinema Show (Ver 2) 2.3
Carpet Crawlers Drum 4.3

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
Theres Gonna Be Some Rockin Ac/dc Media
Hiding My Heart (Ver 2) Adele Avanzata
What Do You Do For Money Honey Ac/dc Facile
It's A Long Way Ac/dc Media
Lovesong (Ver 3) Adele Facile
Chasing Pavements (Ver 4) Adele Media
Touch Too Much Ac/dc Avanzata
Dont You Remember (Ver 3) Adele Facile
If You Want Blood You've Got It Ac/dc Facile
Hiding My Heart Adele Avanzata
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