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Titolo Difficolta voti
Knives And Pens (Ver 3) Facile 4.0
Knives And Pens Acoustic Facile 4.3
Carolyn Avanzata --
Nobodys Hero Facile 4.0
Die For You Acoustic Avanzata 3.3
Perfect Weapon Media 3.5
Carolyn (Ver 2) Facile 3.4
I Am Bulletproof Acoustic Avanzata 3.8
Savior (Ver 3) Facile 3.7
Never Give In Facile 4.0
New Religion Facile 3.8
Savior (Ver 2) Facile 4.2
Children Surrender Facile 4.0
Morticians Daughter Media 3.7
God Bless You Facile 3.8
Perfect Weapon (Ver 7) Facile 5.0
The Gunsling 5.0
Vale (This Is Where It End) 3.0
Beautiful Remains 4.0
We Stitch These Wounds 4.7
Goodbye Agony 3.5
Sweet Blasphemy 4.0
Knives And Pens 4.0
Heavens Calling 4.0
Wretched And Divine 3.8
All Your Hate 5.0
When They Call My Name 4.0
Saints Of Blood 3.5

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
Turning Tables Adele Facile
T.n.t. Ac/dc Avanzata
Lovesong (Ver 2) Adele Facile
If You Want Blood You've Got It Ac/dc Facile
Back In Black Ac/dc Avanzata
Touch Too Much Ac/dc Avanzata
It's A Long Way Ac/dc Media
Theres Gonna Be Some Rockin Ac/dc Media
Cryin' Aerosmith Avanzata
Rolling In The Deep Adele Avanzata
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