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               C                  Am 
We see what you can do, Oh God of wonders
Your power has no end
                     C                     Am 
The things you've done before in greater measure
You will do again
                 F                           Am 
Cause there's no prison wall You can't break through, no
                   C                          G 
Mountain You can't move, all things are possible
           F                     Am 
There's no broken body you can't raise, no
                    C                         G 
Soul that You can't save, all things are possible
              F             G=>B     Am     
The darkest night, You can light it up
          G=>B     C           G
You can light it up, God of revival
           F          G=>B    Am     
Let hope arise, death is overcome
         G=>B     C            G
You've already won, God of revival
             C                       Am 
You rose in victory and now You're seated
Forever on the throne
F                       C                         Am 
So why should my heart fear what You've defeated
I will trust in You alone
C                                              Am 
Come awaken Your people, come awaken Your city
Oh God of revival pour it out, pour it out
C                                                             Am 
Every stronghold will crumble, hear the chains hit the ground
Oh God of revival pour it out, pour it out

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