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Titolo Difficolta voti
Sunshine And Love 4.7
I Do Now 4.0
Helplessly, Hopelessly --
You're The Man (That Brings The Woman Out Of Me) 3.0
I Bring It To You 4.0
You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss) 3.3
Unbreakable Heart 3.0
These Wings --
To Love You Once --

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
Lovesong (Ver 2) Adele Facile
Rolling In The Deep Adele Avanzata
If You Want Blood You've Got It Ac/dc Facile
Hiding My Heart Adele Avanzata
Hiding My Heart (Ver 4) Adele Avanzata
Back In Black Ac/dc Avanzata
Hells Bells Ac/dc Avanzata
Dont You Remember (Ver 5) Adele Avanzata
Dont You Remember (Ver 3) Adele Facile
Lovesong (Ver 3) Adele Facile
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