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Titolo Difficolta voti
Crazy Avanzata 3.6
Fly Away From Here Avanzata 4.1
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Avanzata 3.4
Cryin' Avanzata 2.9
Walk This Way Avanzata 3.3
Aint That A Bitch Avanzata 3.7
Angel Acoustic Media 4.0
Avant Garden Media 3.8
Crazy 1 Avanzata 3.5
Deuces Are Wild Media 4.0
Dont Wanna Miss A Thing Avanzata 3.5
Draw The Line Facile 4.3
Fallen Angels Avanzata 4.7
Fine Media 3.7
Fly Away From Me Avanzata 4.0
Full Circle Avanzata 4.0
Girls Of Summer Facile 3.0
Janies Got A Gun Media 3.7
Last Child Facile 4.0
Nine Lives Album Avanzata 5.0
Pink Media 3.5
What It Takes Avanzata 4.0
Adams Apple Facile 3.5
Angel Solo Facile 4.3
Baby Please Dont Go Facile 4.2
Beyond Beautiful Facile 4.0
Big Ten-Inch Record Facile 3.0
Blind Man Facile 4.0
Bright Light Fright Facile 4.3
Cheese Cake Facile 4.3
Crazy Solo Facile 3.8
Cryin (Ver 2) Facile 5.0
Dream On Drum Facile 3.5
Dream On (Ver 2) Avanzata 4.0
Dream On (Ver 3) Facile 3.0
Dude Looks Like A Lady Facile 3.4
Eat The Rich Facile 4.5
Eat The Rich (Ver 2) Facile 3.5
I've Go The Rock N Rolls Again Facile 5.0
What Kind Of Love Are You On Media 3.8
Dream On Intro Facile 3.6
Bone To Bone Facile 4.0
Everything That Touches You Media 4.2
Just Push Play Facile 3.8
Trip Hoppin´ Media 3.8
Shut Up And Dance Facile 3.0
Shit House Shuffle Facile 4.0
Cryin (Tab P/ Baixo) Facile 3.0
Cheese Cake Intro Facile 4.2
When I Needed You Facile 4.0
Nobody's Fault Facile 3.8
Sos Too Bad Media 4.6
Gypsy Boots Avanzata 4.6
Walk On Down Facile 4.2
Devil's Got A New Disguise Avanzata 3.6
Spaced Avanzata 5.0
Krawhitham Facile 4.0
Lightning Strikes Facile 3.5
Luv Lies Media 4.4
Other Side Solo Facile 3.5
Living On The Edge Facile 4.4
Sunny Side Of Love Avanzata 4.0
Hoodoo Voodoo Medicine Man Facile --
The Farm Media 4.3
Taste Of India Facile 3.0
Cry Me A River Intro Facile 3.0
Back In The Saddle Intro Facile 3.4
Let The Music Do The Talking Facile 4.0
I Aint Got You Facile 4.2
Sedona Sunrise Media 3.5
Dudes Like A Lady Facile 4.4
Livin On The Edge Media 3.9
All Along The Watchtower Intro Facile 4.0
Subway Facile 4.3
Attitude Adjustment Facile 4.0
Remember (Walk In The Sand) Facile 3.8
Love In An Elevator Facile 4.5
Amazing-Solo Tabs Facile 5.0
Avant Garden Intro Facile 3.5
Home Tonight Media 4.3
Bitch's Brew Facile 5.0
The Grind Avanzata 5.0
Dude Facile 4.0
Full Circle Intro Facile 3.5
Bogey Man Facile 3.6
Another Last Goodbye Media 3.0
Train Kept A Rollin Facile 3.7
Sight For Sore Eyes Facile 4.0
Simoriah 4.0
No More No More --
Hangman Jury 4.5
Get A Grip 4.0
Critical Mass 4.0
Chiquita 4.0
Permanent Vacation 4.0
What Could Have Been Love 3.7
Get The Lead Out Intro 4.0
Can't Stop Messin' 4.7
No Surprize 4.3
Angels Eye 4.5
Light Inside 4.2
St John 4.5
Kiss Your Past Good-Bye 4.3
Uncle Salty 4.3
Woman Of The World 5.0
Soul Saver 4.3
Hearts Done Time 3.8
Jayded 4.5
Sick As A Dog 4.0
You See Me Crying 3.0
Drop Dead Gorgous 4.5
Dude Looks Like A Lady Solo 4.0
Lick And A Promise 4.3
Hand That Feeds 3.3
Big Ten Inch 4.6
Legendary Child 3.0
The Hop 3.8
Shela 4.0
Hole In My Soul Intro 5.0
Seasons Of Whiter (Tab P/ Baixo) 4.6
Rats In The Cellar 4.7
Face (Bonus Track) 4.5
Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy) 3.3
Milkcow Blues 3.0

Altre canzoni da Suonare

Titolo Artista Difficolta
T.n.t. Ac/dc Avanzata
Shoot To Thrill Ac/dc Facile
Who Made Who Ac/dc Media
Money Talks Ac/dc Facile
Theres Gonna Be Some Rockin Ac/dc Media
Dont You Remember (Ver 3) Adele Facile
If It Hadnt Been For Love Adele Avanzata
Touch Too Much Ac/dc Avanzata
Turning Tables Adele Facile
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Ac/dc Avanzata
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