Chasing Pavements (Ver 4) Accordi - Adele

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Suonata 101 Volte - Difficolta: Media

Hope you have fun with this song(:
Capo 3                     *-Strum down once! 
   *CI've made up my mind,
 *GDon't need to think it over
     *AmIf I'm wrong, I am right
*EmDon't need to look no further,
*FThis ain't lust
   *Em             *CI know this is love
*Em   CBut, if I tell the world
GI'll never say enough
Am'cause it was not said to you
   FAnd that's exactly what I need to do
Am       EmIf I end up with you
F             GShould I give up,
   Am     Or should I just keep chasin' pavements?
Em         F     GEven if it leads nowhere
F                COr would it be a waste
G                AmEven if I knew my place
F                GShould I leave it there
F             GShould I give up,
   AmOr should I just keep chasin' pavements
Em         F     GEven if it leads nowhere
CI build myself up
GAnd fly around in circles
AmWaitin' as my heart drops
FAnd my back begins to tingle
Am            EmFinally, could this be it

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